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  • Can the Crossroads Trust Help me find a job?

    Yes.  The Crossroads Trust has first hand experience in looking for work after receiving a criminal conviction.  We have advisers that can assist you with writing CV's and completing application forms.  We can suggest routes to employment through agency and voluntary work and we are building a list of supportive employers who are willing to take on people with criminal records.   We can also offer advice on setting up as self employed and starting a business.

  • Can the Crossroads Trust Help me find training?

    Yes.  We have experience in accessing and  locating funding for a wide variety of programmes.  If you are on probation we can help you access government funds for training and suggest possible routes towards employment through training.

  • Can the Crossroads Trust Help me find a place to live?

    We know that finding a place to live after leaving prison can be hard.  The Crossroads Trust has first hand experience in seeking a home in this situation.  We have advisers that can support you in accessing the correct channels to apply for local authority housing and can help with getting you 'settled in' and can advise on bills and budgeting.

  • Can the Crossroads Trust Help me claim the correct benefits?

    Yes.  Claiming the correct benefits and knowing what you are entitled to can be a minefield.  The Crossroads Trust has the experience of dealing with the benefits system and helping people access it.  We can identify what benefits you are entitled to and help you complete the forms necessary to claim them.

  • Can you help me write a CV or apply for a job?

    Yes.  The Crossroads Trust has computers and access to the internet as well as volunteers willing to help  you compile a suitable CV and complete application forms.  We can also offer advice on what forms of employment will be possible with your current conviction.

  • Can you help me with advice about disclosure?

    Yes.  The Crossroads Trust has first hand experience in disclosure and  can offer advice on what needs to be disclosed.  For technical queries we can access legal advice on your behalf to make sure you keep within the law.

  • Can you help me get a Dentist/Doctor/Mental Health Professional?

    Yes.  The Crossroads Trust can help you register with a doctor, dentist and mental health practitioner.  We can help locate a convenient local service and assist you with contacting them and completing any necessary forms.

  • Can the Crossroads Trust help with Debt Advice and Finances?

    Yes.  The Crossroads Trust recognises that financial concerns are some of the biggest worries for people coming out of custody.  We can offer support and advice about money, banks and debt.  We can also help you create a 'survival budget' to plan out your weekly and day-to-day expenses.

  • Can the Crossroads Trust help me understand Bills?

    Yes.  We understand that bills can be confusing!  We can offer assistance in reading and interpreting bills as well as offering suggestions on how you might reduce your future bills and access benefits and funding where appropriate.

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