The Crossroads Trust provide support services for ex-offenders leaving prison and re-integrating back into the community.  We operate in North Warwickshire and the surrounding areas.  The Crossroads Trust is made up of professionals with experience with the Criminal Justice System, volunteers and ex-offenders who have successfully managed a transition back to life in the community.


Crossroads provides information, advice, signposting and practical support to clients with criminal records many of whom have received custodial or community based sentences. We offer a mentoring service helping clients to access local services, benefits, routes to employment and promote social inclusion to help them make a positive contribution to society. Many of our clients will have complex problems including mental health and substance misuse issues.  The Crossroads Trust can offer support services for clients wishing to access help in these areas.   The Crossroads Trust can also help access literacy and numeracy education and help with completing benefit applications, job searches, and preparing for job interviews.

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In short the Crossroads Trust is here to help in any way it can to support the transition, after conviction, back into a full role in society.


Transforming Lives Project,  peer mentoring to help ex-offenders lead crime free lives and re-integrate. Promoting safer communities

The Transforming Lives Project is a peer mentoring initiative. Providing motivated mentors to guide, support and inspire law abiding citizens with criminal records to develop the attitudes and skills that will help them become successful in their personal lives. To help alleviate the risk of social exclusion and support them to make a positive contribution to society.


The Transforming Lives Project will be facilitated by the Trust for 12 months.  The objective is to have 15 places for clients on the programme. A trained mentor will be responsible for a caseload of 3 clients. Providing one-to-one mentoring.


The Trust aims to recruit at least 20 mentors during its first year to manage its workload. The Project will be monitored and evaluated at regular intervals.  The objective being to reduce the rate of recidivism for the programmes participants.


Empowering Lives Project, helping ex-offenders find meaningfull employment

The Empowering Lives project aims to help to build the clients self-esteem and confidence. and support clients to achieve independence and economic well being.  This will be achieved through facilitating meaningful employment opportunities in appropriate jobs; promoting well being by helping clients to register with a GP, dentist, or any other relevant healthcare professionals where appropriate.


We will help to obtain satisfactory ID and a bank account and signpost clients with addiction issues to the relevant local agency for support and encourage engagement to attend appointments.


Crossroads will also offer support to families and friends helping each clients support network to assist in their reintegration back into the community.



Fitter Lives Project  improving the emotional and physical wellbeing of clients

The Crossroads Trust provide support to improve the emotional and physical wellbeing of clients .  Assess the abilities of the client and helping to impliment a fitness plan, monitor and evaluate its effectiveness to motivate the client and help reduce re-offending.  The Crossroads Trust is also hoping to offer, dependent upon funding,  free access to gym and sports facilities within the local area


The Crossroads Trust work with each client to encourage positive thinking through exercise and sporting activities, supporting the client’s transition into the community.


This project will compliment the good mentoring work being facilitated by the Transforming Lives Project enabling each client to regain and maintain self respect and physical and emotional wellbeing.




Earth Project, promoting wellbeing through collaborative work gardening and growing healthy food

The Earth Project aims to assist clients by allowing them to doing something practical and useful within the community, for the benefit of the community.  The Crossroads Trust has a small amount of  land that it grows fruit and vegetable on.  Clients can work collaboratively to grow food  for themselves and for vulnerable people within the community.  This can be  uplifting for the clients.   Providing a simple physical activity  can have profound healing effects.  Reintegrating them into society. Working together with a shared purpose making constructive use of time  provides a restorative environment to stimulate our senses.  Promoting healing  and recovery.




Clothing Initiative Project.  Providing suitable clean clothing for ex-offenders upon release or for interviews and work.

The Crossroads Trust will help to provide appropriate clothing for clients coming out of prison.  As Community Care Grants are no longer given and many people either gain or lose a significant amount of weight whilst in prison ex-prisoners often have no apprpriate clothes to wear back in the community.

Crossroads aim to provide its clients with clean, good condition, well fitting clothes for those that require them.


This will help to ease the anxiety many will feel upon release.   Providing appropriate clothing can assist in clients being more comfortable in society and give them the confidence to apply for jobs and take a positive part on our community.




Accredited peer mentoring and support for ex-offenders to break the cycle of re-offending and promote safer communities.

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